The paradigm shift staff go through

no matter what industry!

“To put it simply and starkly: If you don’t get the people process right, you will never fulfill the potential of your business.” - Larry Bossidy

As regular visitors will know I have been working for well over 20 years changing hearts and minds in people’s attitudes to working in care. The mind shift almost always travels from introductions where people say / imply things that contradict the basic philosophy of the course to an ending where people state publicly (or privately to me) how they always thought like this. Usually adding something like - “it is great that a training like this exists so that all those other people I work with whose attitude needs adjusting can access it”.

This paradigm shift is such that once people get on board they cannot see that they previously saw the world any other way. In their eyes the experience just backs up their formerly existing viewpoint. They cannot remember their belief was different because currently they cannot accept they ever felt any other way.

The term paradigm shift highlights the inability to hold two competing yet opposing beliefs at the same time. If you believe the Sun moves around the flat Earth, and then learn the science of planetary bodies, you cannot hold both beliefs in tandem. Both are not possible at the same time. Your paradigm, or pattern of belief, shifts and you suddenly find that you could not have believed anything else.

When you get to the finer points of Organisational Behaviour Management or Positive Behaviour Support you gain an increasing understanding this will change the working world for the better for all. However this technology, like any human based process, is only as good as the “buy in” throughout the organisation.

A major part of the process is overcoming resistance from non believers. With the skills in place to work with and overcome this resistance, the process itself appears to make sense to those who gain enough knowledge to be converted.

The shift in tide will no doubt occur when enough people are “on board”, others will feel the opinion shift. Additionally as you gather data, and prove the success, those who were not “on board” soon imply that they always were!

- Just like on a training course.

Such is the true effect of altering hearts and minds.