On the taking of the Exam

On August 15th 2018 at just after 10 am I took the BACB's exam to qualify as a BCBA. As I post this I am now qualified. There are clear guidelines about not divulging any content of the exam itself however for those of you aiming to do your exam in the London option I feel a few pointers may assist you with your travels and preparations.

The venue itself it not the green canopy entrance however your confirmation letter will explain that point. The task itself involved a fair upheaval for me therefore due to other constraints I was travelling with a reasonably big back pack (70 litres with a zip off day bag).

Now when if comes to contacting the exam centre I failed miserably - I spoke to the UK phone number who went off, leaving me on hold for reasonable time on 2 occasions, to check if I could store my backpack. They could only tell me that nothing could be taken into the exam, I knew that, and that there would be a small locker for phones etc that must be stored in the bag provided. Eventually the person on the phone suggested I called the London venue to ask the question directly. When I explained that I had phoned the only UK number on the site she was disinterested and the call finished with me no further forward.

So I went to the online chat to see if I could get anywhere and after some substantial back and forth they gave me the London number - which leads to a message saying "this number does not accept incoming calls" As I was travelling the day before I decided to arrive at the testing venue to ask the question directly with them able to see my backpack in its entirety.

Meanwhile I searched for bag storage in central London and did find company called bagbnb - meant to be airbnb for luggage. I actually found a place 2 minute walk from the testing venue who would take the bag all day for £5. Paid that online straight away, this is certainly the cheapest part of this qualification and may prove to be the easiest and most efficient.

Roll on the arrival in London and I arrived at the testing centre to find an array of lockers - 2 of which would have fitted in my 70 litre bag - however the lockers are on a first come first served basis and there were no keys in the largest lockers meaning someone was using them.

So I knew my zip off backpack would easily fit in the smallest lockers and there were a few slightly larger ones. However in the end I went with the bagbnb, this left me the rest of the afternoon in London large bag free as I was not on the train home till evening off peak. I hope this has been of some help to anyone who has to go to the exam on their own and has luggage as they have come from some distance away such as myself.