Who is BehaviourDesc

BehaviourDesc is the blog for the ramblings I have around working in the real world and thoughts about Behaviour.

Behaviour is not something mystical, the reasons people behave in a certain manner are reasonably clear cut. Given some assessment time, usually we can work with an individual's behaviour and design plans for them and their supporters to help meet their needs another way.

Des Cooke


Behaviour Analyst (BCBA)

I am a qualified Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, registration can be found on the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board here and on the UK Society for Behaviour Analysts [link soon].

Positive Behaviour Support Consultant

In the UK PBS has become a desired / mandatory requirement from most if not all Local Authorities. The conversation between PBS and ABA is something I have written about. Within the industry I support a number of services with meeting their PBS requirements.

Family Support Project

The Family Support Project exists to fill the gap in our society where family members are left to cope with loved one's displaying their distress through behaviour that are concerning for those who care for them. This project can be found @ familysupportproject.com

Trainer & Consultant

I run a Training Consultancy @ de-escalate.com This is a specialist training organisation specialising in Health and Social Care around conflict and dangerous situation. This would have been called challenging behaviour or problem behaviour. As part of this I teach course in subject such as Positive Behaviour Support, Dual Diagnosis, Physical Intervention (Breakaway and Restrictive)

Shared Lives Carer

My family have provided respite for a myriad of different people within our home experiencing all areas of health and social care. We have been shared lives carers for a number of years and have a lady living permanently with us who has been with part of our family for over 5 years.